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Kaufen Sie einen polnischen Führerschein ohne Fahrprüfungen
Kaufen Sie einen voll ausgestatteten polnischen Führerschein, der jede Führerscheinprüfung besteht

Driving license in Poland, easy, fast and reliable

Buy Poland driving license without tests and don’t worry about failing a driving test or having your driving license revoked.

You can buy your Polish driving license from us without having to go through the often difficult and bureaucratic process involved in traditionally trying to get a driving license in Poland.

For a long time, Poles and statistics have been convinced that obtaining a driving license in our country is not an easy matter. After the changes introduced in February 2013, things are even worse. At the same time, Poles have become increasingly mobile since joining the European Union and are increasingly choosing to travel abroad.

If you have difficulties obtaining your Polish driving license, our service will help you. When you purchase a Polish driving license from us, it will be created and delivered to your location within 3 to 5 business days after you submit the necessary information to present and register your driving license.

All Polish driving licenses purchased from us are made from high quality materials (polycarbonate) and the latest technologies (such as micro-printing), and also contain all the security features present on every Polish driving license. Your Polish driving license will also be registered with a PKK number (Driver Candidate Profile), making everything legal. Thanks to the PKK number, the authorities can look up your driving license status in the system.

In order to register your driving license information in the system and therefore give you a PKK number, we work with insiders to register you in the system. This part of the driving license process accounts for the majority of the cost of purchasing a Polish driving license. This is to fulfill the desire of all our customers to drive a car without compromising the effectiveness of their driving license.

The Polish driving licenses purchased from us are always the same ones that are issued after successfully passing the driving test.

Check out video examples of driving licenses we have created for customers.

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Advantages if you buy a Poland driving license from us

Buying your Polish driving license from us offers numerous advantages:

  • You don’t have to pass a driving test, you just have to be able to drive.
  • You can obtain a driving license in any category or upgrade to your current category without the need for an additional driving test or training.
  • Get your revoked driver’s license back.
  • You do not have to be a Polish resident to buy a Polish driving license. For example, a German citizen whose driving license has been revoked can buy a Polish driving license in order to drive in Germany.
  • Simple and fast driving license as we deliver your Polish driving license to your address within 3 to 5 working days after you submit the required information.
  • Your Polish driving license always passes all security tests, including a system check using your PKK number.

Requirements for purchasing your Polish driving license

So erhalten Sie einen Führerschein in Polen

If you want to get your Polish driving license in the usual way, you must go through the following steps:

Step 1: Get a medical certificate

Go to a doctor who performs driver exams. You can contact the driving school where you want to take the course – they probably work with such a doctor. The doctor will examine you and decide whether you can drive. If you can, get a doctor’s note.

Step 2: Prepare the documents required for your application

Next, you need to prepare your documents. These documents are:

  • medical report.
  • ID photo
  • ID card or passport. If you are a foreigner, take your passport or residence card with you.
  • Photocopy of your current driving license – if you already have a driving license and want to get permission for the next higher category.
  • written consent from your parents or legal guardians – if you are about to turn 18. Go to the office with a parent or guardian – they must sign a document in front of the officer agreeing to start the course and issue a driver’s license.
  • psychological certificate on the lack of psychological contraindications for driving a vehicle – if you want to get a driving license of the following categories: C1, C1+E, C, C+E, D1, D1+E, D, D+E.

Step 3: Submit your application to the relevant authority

Next, you must complete your application and submit it to the relevant authorities.

  • at the district administration of your place of residence,
  • in the town hall – if you live in a city with district law,
  • in the district office – if you live in Warsaw.

Step 4: Collect your PKK number (Driver Candidate Profile)

You will then receive the PKK number from the communications department of your office. This is a unique number for each driver candidate. This allows the driving school and the traffic center to search for you in the system.

Step 5: Prepare for and pass the theoretical and practical driving test

  • Go to a driving school and sign up for a course. Take your PKK number with you. Take part in a theoretical and then a practical course.
  • Register for the theory test at the Provincial Road Traffic Center (WORD). Take your PKK number with you.
  • If you pass the theory test, register for the practical test in WORD.
  • If you pass the practical test, WORD will send you information about it.

You can skip all these bureaucratic processes and requirements when you buy your Polish driving license from us.