Buy a registered driver’s license without an exam – legal driver’s license

Buy a registered driving license without a test and drive legally in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other EU countries.

The usual route to obtaining a driver’s license is often costly, time-consuming and difficult, involving a lot of bureaucracy, requirements and processes. All of this means that people will always find alternative ways to get their driver’s license.

We are the leading manufacturer of driving licenses in the EU. The production of our driving licenses began in 2014 in our oldest factory in Cologne, before we expanded two years later and started producing real driving licenses for other EU countries.

You can buy real driving licenses of all categories and your driving license will be registered in the national database system of the driving license country you have chosen (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, France).

Unlike other driving license making websites, registering your real driving license is our priority. We ensure that your driver’s license information is registered in the system before we even begin production. To register your driving license, we work with experts, current and former employees of the driving license offices. This guarantees that your driving license will be registered instead of relying on hacking the systems.

In Germany, your driving license is registered in the KBA system (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt).

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Avoid the MPU test when purchasing a real driver's license

After offenses such as drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs or scoring 8 or more points in Flensburg, you may be asked to take a mandatory MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination).

You can buy a German driving license or a driving license from another EU country to avoid the often costly and difficult MPU and also avoid a driving ban.

If you acquire a German driving license while a driving ban or MPU has been imposed on you, we must also delete your driving license history in the system and in the points in Flensburg.

You can also avoid an MPU or driving license revocation by purchasing a driving license from another EU country.

How to buy a registered driver's license

Have you wondered how to buy a real driver’s license? No longer

To buy your Real driver’s license, all you need to do is contact us and provide us with the information we need about you and your driver’s license. is it not so easy.

Here you will find the information we typically require from our customers to present and register their driver’s license.

Buy a registered driver's license without a deposit

Maybe you want to know if it is possible to buy a driver’s license without a deposit?

The simple answer is: YES , it is possible to buy a driver’s license without a deposit. However, you can only buy the fake driver’s license without any down payment.

Because to register your driving license we have to pay our anonymous partners and they always require an advance payment for their registration services. However, since the fake driving license is not registered, you can get a fake driving license without any down payment.

Buy a driving license cash on delivery

You cannot buy a driver’s license from us cash on delivery.
This is because anonymity helps both us and our customers by reducing the risk of being caught during a driving license check.

If our operations weren’t anonymous and just one person got caught, the entire operation would be in trouble.

You can purchase your original driver’s license in two installments: The first installment is paid when ordering (the first installment is used to pay our partners so that they can register your driver’s license information). The second installment is paid when your driver’s license is presented and ready to be shipped (the second installment includes production costs and shipping costs and is paid when proof of your document is presented to you).