Buy Austrian ID card, complete security features

Kaufen Sie einen österreichischen Personalausweis mit allen Sicherheitsmerkmalen
Kaufen Sie einen österreichischen Personalausweis mit allen Sicherheitsmerkmalen

Buy a real or fake Austrian ID card

You can purchase your Austrian ID card without having to meet all the bureaucratic requirements or go through the often difficult process of applying for and obtaining your Austrian ID card.

You do not have to be an Austrian citizen or live in Austria to buy your ID card from us.
We will create your ID card and deliver it to your address within 3 to 5 business days after you submit all the information required to create and register your ID card (if you purchase the real ID card).

We produce two types of Austrian ID cards, the real and the fake Austrian ID card.

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Buy a real Austrian ID card.

When you buy the real Austrian ID card, your ID card will be manufactured to meet all the latest security features of the entire Austrian ID card (e.g. biometric data, QR code) and made of high quality polycarbonate materials, state-of-the-art technology and will be registered in the Austrian state register be.

In order to enter your real ID card details into the register, we work with our anonymous partners, who are often former or current employees of Austrian ID card authorities (district authorities).

All real ID cards that we obtain through our ID card services are basically the same as those issued by the relevant Austrian authorities to Austrian citizens and can be used in any capacity if necessary.
In principle, you can become an Austrian citizen by purchasing an Austrian identity card from us, as your data is stored in the citizens‘ register.

Your real ID card will undergo all security tests during official verification and can be used for free travel within the EU and Switzerland.

Find out about the requirements for purchasing your Austrian identity card.

Check out some video examples of documents created through our services.

Security features found on your real ID card

Österreichischen Personalausweis kaufen

In our effort to ensure that your Austrian ID card passes every security test, here is the list of security features included in every genuine Austrian ID card we produce:

  1. Optically Variable Ink (OVI)
  2. Surface embossing
  3. Invisible Personal Information (IPI)
  4. Waving flag
  5. Laser tilt image
  6. DOVID
  7. See-through window
  8. Shaded light image
  9. IR feature
  10. Microwriting
  11. Tactile personalization
  12. Machine readable zone
  13. QR-Code

Buy a fake Austrian ID card

In addition to the real ID card, we also produce fake Austrian ID cards that look and feel exactly the same as the real ID card as they are made from the same materials and physical security features. However, your biometric data will not be stored on your ID card nor will it be entered in the register. This means that the fake Austrian ID card is cheaper than the real one.

We do not recommend that our customers purchase a fake ID, especially if they plan to use it for purposes where it could be scanned or verified at the checkout. However, there are certain occasions where the fake IDs work well, for example when buying alcohol etc when applying for a job.